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The Whole Body Cryotherapy

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What is it?
The whole body cryoaction was originally developed in Japan in 1978, and the benefits have been studied and refined in Europe since that time. Now it is presented in the USA by Millennium ICE...

A CryoCABIN lowers a subject's exterior skin temperature anywhere from 97-98ºF to 30-32ºF degrees (with environment surrounding the subject at a temperature of around minus 274ºF!) for a period of two to three minutes.

How does it work?
A person's skin temperature initially drops to 32ºF degrees in 40-60 seconds before rising up to 104ºF degrees right after the procedure (normal skin temperature is 97.88ºF) and then goes down to normal. This phenomena results in the great refreshing effect. That effect lasts from 1 to 5 hours.

When the subject's exterior is cooled to these levels, the body generates additional heat to survive extremely low temperature.

The biochemical processes that occur at this time consume a great quantity of energy.

Whole body Cryotherapy aka whole-body kriotherapy versus different cryotherapy methods

Graph: Comparison between the effect of Hypothermal Baths (54ºF), Icy Water Baths (32ºF) and CryoCABIN (-202ºF)

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