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Police & Firefighters

Why Public servants?

Whole body cryotherapy for public servants in TexasEven though the cryocabin is wildely used in various beauty salons and sport clubs it's beneficial use can extend even further! Any person working in a public service career such as the police or fire department can also experience the amazing energy refreshing results of the cryoaction. We understand that such important jobs come with incidents of physical damage, stress and fatigue among other side effects. Let the cryocabin be a quick, efficient, and enjoyable way to restore your body after a strenuous day.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy for Law Inforcement in TexasThe intense and repetitive hard work and the high levels of responsibility our public servants have to face often produce many injuries and plenty of stress. Some of these include psychological pressure, muscle pains, joint pains, and broken bones. The refreshing effects of I.C.E. are very well known. The cryocabin may restore the body and the mind to a relaxed state as well as refresh overall capacity for performance. Besides it's cooling effects after a hard day, a cryoact in the morning will prepare anybody mentally and physically for the day ahead. Some elite athletes are taking their training, and the concept of Cryoact, to the next level through the use of Whole body cryoaction. Now, public servants can experience the same benefits of Cryoaction.!

I.C.E. -- Immobilization. Cooling. Elevation.