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The First Summit of Cryopractitioners was a success. Looking forward to 2013!

Three busy days of the First Summit of US Cryopractitioners are over.
It started on October 5th with a keynote presentation by one of the first US cryopractitioners Dr. Alan Christianson and an intensive QA session to reveal Dr. Christianson's practices and success factors.
It continued on October 6th by discussing wide range of applications of whole body cryotherapy equipment, different regiments depending on clients' goals, efficiency related questions, product developments and the best marketing practices.
It concluded on October 7th by visiting Millennium ICE's new production facility in Richardson, TX, and Veda Light Wellness Center in Addison.
Warm welcome to our new cooperation partners - Genesis Cryo in Texas, Masley Optimal Health Center in Florida, Global Financial and Remarketing Services in Arizona, Medinars in Washington DC, Millennium ICE Canada and Columbia!
Get connected with us, join us and be even more successful in what you do! Looking forward to the next Summit in fall of 2013...

Gold. silver, bronze... to dedicated users of Millennium ICE cryosauna

Millennium ICE is proud to announce that cryosauna has helped some of the world's best athletes to experience their golden, silver and bronze moments!
On August 4, Alberto Salazar's runners were the first and the second in 10 000 m - gold went to Mo Farah representing GBR, but training at Nike Headquarters near Portland, Oregon. Mo Farah's training mate Glendel Rupp brought silver to the US team. There had been no medals for the USA in this distance since 1964. Mo's and Glendel's coach Alberto Salazar is a big believer in cryosauna and has been using it since 2010 to help his runners to perform better and to recover faster.
On August 5th, another cryosauna user, hammer thrower Koji Murofushi won bronze for Japan. Koji's trainer Tore Gustafsson runs a chiropractic in Los Gatos, California and provides cryosauna services to his patients and athletes he works with

NBA professionals admit: it works

Cryotherapy as a way to higher levels of energy and faster recovery after heavy workouts or injuries became a hot topic in summer, 2011, when Dallas Mavericks became NBA champions and disclosed their "secrets". Mavericks have been using extreme cold for better performance for about a year now, and have inspired other professional teams to do the same. Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks already have their own cryosaunas. In March, they were joined by Phoenix Suns. To better serve their needs, Millennium ICE has come up with a new, larger cryosauna model.

Cryotherapy providers get together to share experiences and learn from each other

Many cryopractitioners go to London in July. To serve their needs, the board of Millennium ICE has made a decision to postpone the first gathering of "cryosapiens" till fall. Let`s get together to learn, share and celebrate! But, before that, let`s wish success to our olympians! Stay tuned...

Cryosauna in Alberto Salazar`s project...

... I`m testing it on my athletes over a three month period and our preliminary findings are that the athletes all feel it helps them recover. Thanks!

Dr OZ show... HELP OR HYPE

... Not all alternative therapies are good for you. In fact, some can put your health in danger. Dr. Oz separates the ones that are all hype from the ones that help.

Dennis Michel speaks about cryosauna...

... Our athletes are training harder, recovering faster, and increasing speed and performance after just a few sessions of Millennium ICE cryo-sauna. This product is unique to any other application of it`s type in professional sports.
Dennis Mitchell is a former American college and international track and field athlete, whose team won the gold medal in the 4x100-meter relay race at the 1992 Summer Olympics.
Olympic Games:
GOLD 1992 Barcelona 4x100 m relay
SILVER 1996 Atlanta 4x100 m relay
BRONZE 1992 Barcelona 100 meters
World Championships:
GOLD 1991 Tokyo 4x100 m relay
GOLD 1993 Stuttgart 4x100 m relay
BRONZE 1991 Tokyo 100 meters
BRONZE 1993 Stuttgart 100 meters

Olympic Silver Medalist speaks for cryo...

... I have used Cryo therapy for 10 years. The first time I decided to try it in the far 1999 when I was preparing for a world Championship in Seville. Shortly before the championship I had a hip joint trauma and no physical therapy procedures could help, and neither did the highest class sports masseurs. I was desperate to get over this trauma and luckily I found this Cryo treatment. I used it twice a day for 3 min to fasten a process as I haven’t much time left, and after 16th treatment my seemed cured. I left a lot of professionals surprised after I almost win this Championship. The second time came soon for me to turn to Cryo therapy… at the end of 1999 I got in a dramatic car accident. My leg and ankle were broken… and it was 8 months before the Sidney Olympics. Only miracle could get me there.

After my surgery and 2 month in a hospital I had to learn to walk again. There were no expectations I could do professional competition in a long time, maybe ever, not talking about the Olympics. But once had this unbelievable therapy helped me a lot I did not give up my hope. I turned to the intensive Cryo therapy again and after 3 months, in May I was 8th in World Cup. Even more, I do feel it made a great not to say major contribution to my Olympic Silver Medal in Sydney few months later!!! Cryo therapy became a part of my everyday health and sports success.