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Cryosauna aka whole body cryotherapy cabin in USA


Welcome Millennium ICE Canada and demo office in Toronto!

Insights into the First Summit of Cryopractitioners

New cryotherapy places in Portland, Fort Collins,Cleveland, Scottsdale and Dallas!

NY Times: cryosauna helps Olympic medalists Farah and Rupp to prepare for the next race

Cryosauna users on the podium in Olympic London!

Institute of Health Promotion - a new cryosauna provider in Plano


M-CRYO Cabin aka Millennium CryoCABIN in Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano


Millennium ICE moves forward

The team that brought the first cryosauna to the US in early 2009 has accepted new challenges. The equipment we proudly represent now is sourced and made in USA, 110 V cryosauna cabins M-Cryo. Please visit www.mcryo.com for more information or to request a quote, call 214-235-8014, or e-mail antra.getzoff@mcryo.com. Thank you..

Cryosauna aka whole body cryotherapy cabin in USA

Health & Beauty

Whole Body Cryotherapy provides benefits for your health and beautyOriginally developed for elite athletes in all sports, cryotherapy has gained a reputation for providing benefits beyond sports training. Find out how cryotherapy improves health and appearance.

Cryosauna aka whole body cryotherapy cabin in USA

Sport & Fitness

Whole body cryotherapy aka whole body kriotherapy improves performance for athletes now in USAIn an effort to intensify training even further, some elite athletes are taking that concept to the next level -- whole body cryotherapy. Find out how cryotherapy helps athletes improve their performance.

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Police & Firefighters

Whole body cryotherapy improves performance of public servantsAny person working in a public service career such as the police or fire department can also experience the amazing energy bursting health results of the cryosauna. Let it be a quick, efficient and enjoyable way to restore your body after a strenuous day.

Golf & Tennis

Whole body Cryotherapy aka whole body krioterapy busts energy up!!!As of now, cryotherapy has thousands of admirers in Europe, Far East and Japan. Many golf and tennis clubs around the world offer their members this great solution to their pain problems. Millennium ICE now makes this same solution available in the USA.

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Cryosauna aka whole body cryotherapy cabin in USA